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FALFIELD - Pale brown or fallow open land'. Old English fecal + field.
Taken from A Dictionary of Place-Names Oxford University Press, © A.D. Mills 1998.



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The Parish Survey was carried out in February 2012.

225 questionnaires were distributed and 40 were returned which gave a 19% return. This return is much higher than in other local villages, which shows how much the Parishioners of Falfield care about their environment and facilities.  Falfield Parish Council is pleased to give you an overview of the results.

Please look out for more details in the autumn as Falfield Parish Council is planning to hold a ‘surgery’ in the Village Hall to talk about this survey and give more details of an intended ‘Parish Plan’.

Question 1

Do you know who your four local Parish Councillors are?


It was disappointing to know that 60% of parishioners did not know who their Councillors are even though the names are displayed on the Parish Notice Board opposite St George Church.  A regular newsletter was requested by one parishioner.

Question 2
If you need to contact a Parish Councilor what is your preferred way to communicate?

Question 3

Have you ever visited the Falfield website?   

Question 4

Do visitors have difficulty finding you?

Question 5

Are there enough street/road signs where they are needed most?

Question 6

What is the best thing about living in Falfield?

o Rural Setting
o Quiet and Friendly
o Good Walking Areas
o Nice Views
o Safe


o Good Road Links
o Public Transport


o Friends and Neighbours
o Small Village
o Community Spirit


o Village Shop and Post Office
o Church
o Village Hall

Question 7

What do you dislike about living in Falfield?

Lack Of Facilities

o Need a larger Village Hall
o Lack of play area
o No mains sewage

Safety Concerns

o Speeding on A38
o Dangerous parking outside of Village Shop
o Lack of safe crossing at Mill Lane and Gambril Lane

Question 8

Is there a problem with any of the following?

Question 9

Do you think there is enough Police presence in the Parish?

Question 10

Would you like to see the return of the Police Surgery?

Of those returned 64% said No

Question 11

Do you want to see further development in Falfield?

Question 12

Would you like to have more housing in Falfield?

Of those returned 48% said Yes and the types of housing they felt that were needed are:

Question 14

Have you ever used the Village Hall?

Of those returned 75% said No

Of those that said ‘Yes’ the following is how often they use the hall

Have you every attend events at the Village Hall?

Of those that said ‘Yes’ the following is the types of events they attended;

Question 13

Would you be prepared for a small increase in the precept to help fund a playground for small children?

It is very interesting to see that there are other facilities that people would like considered for Young People in the village:

A) Improved Bus Service to Bristol/Gloucester to help young adults

B) Play Group         C) Play Bus             D) Cycle Path

E) Youth Club         F) Dirt Bike Track    G) Simple Nature type playground

 Some said it was very unreasonable to expect families’ to travel to other villages for the use of a playground.

 Some asked how many young people actually live in Falfield at present as well as how many young people are most likely to move into Falfield in the future.

 Some unitary authorities are dismantling their statutory Youth Provision, how does the Parish Council envisage meeting the needs of the young people if South Gloucestershire decides to follow suite?

Supplementary Questionnaire

Do you think Falfield Parish Council should set aside some of the precept specifically for youth work?

Of those returned 54.5% said Yes

Varying amounts as to how much the precept should increase to cover this. (Please note no action has been taken on this to date)

Questions Related to the Village Hall

Some people may be thinking ‘Why are you asking questions about the village Hall?’   The answer is, because the Parish Council acts as the trustees of the Village Hall therefore it is in the interest of the Parish Council to gain up to date views on the facility.

(The Village Hall Management Committee has the responsibility of managing the day to day running of the Village Hall.)

Also on the supplementary questionnaire, the question was asked:

Do you think Falfield Parish Council should set aside some of the precept specifically for Village Hall funds?

Of those returned 70% said Yes   

Varying amounts as to how much the precept should increase to cover this. (Please note no action has been taken on this to date)


The Parish Plan also known as a Community Led Planning is a step-by-step structured process, taken on by active members of the community usually with the support of the local Town or Parish Council, to create a vision for a community and an action plan to achieve it.

The process involves using a mix of evidence collection and various types of consultation and debate at a very local neighbourhood level. At the heart of this is usually a locally relevant questionnaire which goes to every household in the community.

 Response rates are usually very high because of the way the questionnaire is promoted, distributed and collected. In some areas response rates have reached around 80% of households in a community complete and return the questionnaires.

The resulting vision covers the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community and all those who live and work in it. An action plan is also prepared with the relevant partners to identify solutions to local issues which will help realise the shared vision.

Where have Community Led Plans been produced in South Gloucestershire?

The following Town or Parish Council areas have completed Community Led Plans.

Alveston,  Bitton,  Downend and Bromley Heath,  Doynton,  Hawkesbury,  Oldland,  Pilning & Severn Beach ,Pucklechurch , Tormaton,  Wickwar   & Yate   

The following Town or Parish Council areas are in the process of creating a Community Led Plan:  

Frampton Cotterell, Hanham ,Hanham Abbotts,  Oldbury on Severn, Charfield,  Siston,   Siston Hill (Development), Marshfield , Winterbourne &  Westerleigh   

The following Town or Parish Council areas are considering embarking on a Community Led Plan:  

Sodbury, Tortworth ,Dyrham and Hinton

To print a copy of the Parish Survey 2012 please click here.